Cascade School District Selling Property Next to Beaver Valley Elementary School in Plain


The Cascade School Board has decided to sell the assets next to Beaver Valley Elementary School. District Superintendent Bill Motsenbocker says they originally wanted to require the purchaser to build a playfield on the part of the vicinity, but that changed into turning ability clients away.

“We’re going to repost it for sale developing in the first or middle part of March. We’ve eliminated the requirement to install a 1.5-acre play discipline and instead the district goes to provide that for ourselves on the actual Beaver Valley school website online, and that’ll be open to people in the Plain area to use.”

The property is five.37 acres in size in step with Motsenbocker.

“We’re going to promote it on the price that we should probably get if we subdivided it, put a nicely on it, that type of issue. It’s going to be sold for approximately $340,000, and we’re hoping to get quite a few bids from interested parties.”

Any preceding bids at the property have been rejected in keeping with Motsenbocker, and new requests will start as soon as the paperwork is filed.

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