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Are you sure you can sell a house without a realtor in Florida?

Selling a house can be quite an intimidating process, but there are times when you wouldn’t want to hire a realtor to complete the sale. It is not that it is impossible to grab a lucrative offer for your home, as all you need to do is put up the “House for Sale by Owner” sign or the FSBO. Hence you can commonly find home sellers in Florida who have already sold their houses without the help of realtors.

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However, before you put up a sale house in Orlando, there are several factors that you need to keep in mind. To avoid letting realtor commissions eat up your profit, here’s what you should know about selling your home without a realtor.

Figure out the realistic costs of selling a house

Even though you sell your house without a realtor, some costs will still be associated. Each state has a list of fees that sellers are bound to pay, and these costs are usually added during closing. The prices included are title insurance, costs that cure any defects and safeguard you if there is a discrepancy with the title soon. So, when you plan to sell without the help of a realtor, you may hire a real estate attorney.

The promotion will be all by yourself.

You can’t deny that you’re at again with marketing when you work with a realtor. He does a lot of heavy promotion on your behalf. Nevertheless, if you plan to sell your house on your own, you can’t forget that you’ll be the one liable to market the entire procedure. Post pictures of your home on as many selling sites as possible and do word-of-mouth marketing in your locality.

Get a clear idea about the local market.

Now that you choose to work without a realtor, you can’t do that unless you have a clear idea of the local Florida real estate market. When you work with experienced realtors, they clearly understand the amount your house will sell for. If yours is a pricey house, you can be prepared to see it sitting on the market for several months before it finally sells off. On the contrary, if the price is low enough, you may lose some profit.

Know the home selling laws relevant in Florida

Regarding real estate, every state has its laws, and so does Florida. When you sell your home in Florida, you should clearly understand the rules. The few things that you should reveal to your buyers in advance are whether any appliances need repair or any electrical or plumbing system with significant defects.

Therefore, go for it as you get to know the market and weigh the pros and cons of selling your home without a realtor. Follow the tips above as a guide to help you through the entire process of selling your home.

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