Will you have fun World Plumbing Day?

RICHLAND COUNTY — Celebrated every 12 months on March 11, World Plumbing Day is a global event initiated by the World Plumbing Council that acknowledges the critical position plumbing plays in our fitness and safety. Every man or woman on this planet is stricken by the availability of natural consuming water and primary sanitation. Unfortunately, in lots of developing international locations, plumbing is either very constrained or maybe non-existent. The shortage of a powerful plumbing infrastructure is a significant thing in the tragic statistics we are alas becoming numb to.

World Plumbing Day

According to the World Health Organization:

650,000,000 people do not have to get entry to safe water 2.3 Billion does not have access to an ok toilet
Three hundred fifteen thousand kids die each year from sicknesses resulting from dirty water and adverse sanitation. Simple plumbing solutions should make all the distinction in saving lives; that is why we’re inquiring about your support in spotting World Plumbing Day on Monday, March eleven.

At Richland Public Health, our country-certified plumbing inspectors paintings with registered plumbers and house owners to ensure that all plumbing installations comply with Ohio Plumbing Code. Richland Public Health has residential and business jurisdiction over the plumbing in Richland County and business jurisdiction in Ashland, Crawford, Huron, Knox, and Morrow counties.

In 2018, Chief Plumbing Inspector Frank Brykalski and Plumbing Inspectors Todd Berry and Aaron Streng did 2,869 commercial inspections, consultations, 1,192 residential, and 939 personal water systems inspections and meetings. For extra information on the plumbing application at Richland Public Health, visit www.Richlandhealth.Org For more statistics on World Plumbing Day, take a look at the World Plumbing Council Page.

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