Ghana Celebrates World Plumbing Day

Plumbers with the first-rate hobby are coming collectively to celebrate the 1st annual World Plumbing Day at the Accra City Hall on Monday 11th March 2019 at 9: am. The World Plumbing Day was hooked up via the World Plumbing Council in Collaboration with the United Nations in 2010 to sell professionalism in turning in our groups’ plumbing services.

Plumbing is one of the professions that have not been given the needed attention and support to affect our groups positively and thus make many growing nations faced with basic plumbing-associated challenges. Some being loss of potable water delivered, and in the same network being flooded and drowning loved ones after a few showers on rain. This is a clear indication of expert plumbing being the missing hyperlink in our improvement. We also have residential areas without built drainage structures or with open drains. The regions considered enormously important residential areas have blanketed drainage structures without an appropriate drainage fitting to prevent pests, reptiles, and venting into the surroundings.

Celebrates World Plumbing Day

Our rainy season comes with the outbreak of diseases that bring about healthy and demanding financial situations to the human beings that are a menace to combat in opposition to every 12 months. With this, professional plumbing is the answer that has been left out over the years. Plumbing has been limited to becoming a member of-of pipe and fixing sanitary fixtures in various homes, which shouldn’t be the case. Plumbing is a profession to promotes environmental fitness and protection. The quality of the pipe you have got determines the high-quality of your health. In understanding this in the proper attitude, the World Plumbing

Council is encouraging all plumbers and plumbing-related groups and establishments to come together to sell professionalism in our discipline of labor. For that purpose, Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers, Ghana (CIPHE-Ghana) is organizing the 1st edition of the annual World Plumbing Day and create a platform as a way to deliver all stakeholders within the plumbing enterprise to cooperate and promote professionalism to be able to affect the lives of our humans positively.

The following institutions are invited to this first version of the World Plumbing Day:
  • Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL)
  • A coalition of NGO in Water and Sanitation (CONIWAS)
  • Manufactures in the plumbing industry
  • Distributors and sellers within the plumbing industry
  • All plumber (both members and non-members of CIPHE-Ghana)
  • Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA)
  • Zoomlion Company
  • Open to some other related agency
  • The Media
  • The well-known public is likewise invited to guide us in celebrating our day and desire as well. Thank you.
  • Quality plumbing; high-quality life…

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