Washington County supervisors approve roofing contracts beneath finances

ABINGDON, Va. — The Washington County Board of Supervisors authorized three roofing contracts at its Tuesday meeting at a cost underneath the $242,000 included for the paintings in the county’s capital improvement fund. That consists of awarding bids and approval of contracts for roof replacements to Cornett Roofing for $104,184 at the authority’s middle constructing; Cornett Roofing for $73,520 at the Washington County Courthouse; and $ 42,208 to Leonard Roofing for the Washington County Public Library at Abingdon.

contracts beneath finances

On Tuesday, County Treasurer Fred Parker and Commissioner of Revenue David Henry stated they haven’t any idea how lots of lodging tax is being accumulated within the county via a California-based reserving organization, Airbnb. This organization contracts with the proprietors of houses, rooms, or other locations to live in. At present, Parker and Henry say as many as 200 positions are being supplied as lodges in that enterprise’s online listings for in a single day rental in Washington County.

You’d be amazed some of the locations on there,” Parker said as part of the officers’ Tuesday presentation on sales projections for the next 2019-20 budget. The officials proposed hiring an agency, Host Compliance, for $6,071 to audit such rentals to decide if the nearby apartments are paying the tax. Not understanding whether or not these taxes are being amassed has “grown into something of a hassle,” Henry said. “It’s a massive unknown. … We have no idea who these people are. … We can be leaving loads of cash at the table.”

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