8 Fun Rugged Raspberry Pi Projects to Build for the Outdoors

The Raspberry Pi’s essential challenge is to train children, but the Pi’s verified its usefulness outdoor of the lecture room. A Pi may be turned into an unfashionable gaming console, a media center, a print server, or even an internet server. It’s versatile, it’s small, and with the right case, it’s rugged. That’s what makes a Raspberry Pi the precise tool for any outdoor initiatives you’re seeking to construct.

8 Fun Rugged Raspberry Pi Projects to Build for the Outdoors 1

Outdoor Projects for Your Raspberry Pi

Most outdoor tasks you build with a Raspberry Pi need to be powered using batteries and solar panels until you’ve got an outside energy outlet available. Eight battery-powered Pi projects you could try are:

  • Outdoor digital camera machine
  • Automated farming bot
  • The remotely operated underwater vehicle
  • High altitude balloon
  • Weather station
  • Car black field
  • An infrared fowl field camera
  • Drone autopilot machine

Each of these initiatives may be powered by using a battery, solar panel, or each (if you want to preserve your cells charged). Let’s communicate through every one of them.

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