Women in Construction Week serves as reminder of opportunities

After celebrating National Women in Construction Week, let us understand that the number of girls inside the construction enterprise is upward. From apprentices to craft experts, estimators, engineers, and executives, girls are represented on all construction staff sides. And the opportunities to both join and develop inside the booming production industry are several, particularly with a group of workers shortage impacting the sector throughout Guam and the U.S. The construction enterprise offers an earn-whilst-you-analyze apprenticeship model and values lifelong education, which allows for career development without incurring hefty student loan debt. Whether individuals have a high school degree or finished secondary schooling, the limitations to access are minimum.

Women in Construction

Construction is likewise now not only a task but a nicely-paying career with competitive salaries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for Guam, the typical mean hourly wage for production and extraction occupations is $14.Eighty-two in step with an hour. We anticipate this wage with the right training and credentials to develop to $sixteen — 00 to $18.00 in keeping with an hour on common across the various construction and extraction trades. Also, the development enterprise has an extensively lower gender pay hole as compared to different professions. While the BLS reports that on common women make 80 cents for every dollar earned with a man’s aid, girls make 93.Five cents to the greenback within the production trades.

The Guam Contractors Association is dedicated to recruiting and upskilling girls within the construction enterprise to keep growing a various and inclusive creation team of workers and enterprise. The annual Pizza, Pop & Power Tools application changed into in particular designed for brilliant young girls in the center and high faculty, as an interactive career exploratory occasion whose motive is to provide palms-on revel in the proper and secure use of hand and power equipment and gadget of the construction trades and to inspire those younger ladies to remember a profitable career in creation.

To research more important, approximately those exciting professional exploratory occasions, apprenticeships, and other women’s applications, visit our internet site at www.Guamcontractors.Org or go to our Facebook web page www.Facebook.Com/GuamContractors. If you’re interested in taking instructions to pursue a profession in construction, you may call the GCA Trades Academy at 647-4842/three. The GCA Trades Academy now gives instructions in carpentry, digital structures technician, bulky device, portray, electric, welding, and HVAC. The ABC Guam Contractors Association is an Accredited Training Sponsor of the National Center for Construction Education. Research and the GCA Trades Academy is an Accredited Training Unit of NCCER.

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