Will George Clooney Ever Recover From His Plumbing Disaster?

There are so many awesome matters approximately being a celeb, it seems. There’s the cash, the repute, the superstar buddies, and every other component I had not taken into consideration till just now, once I opened this submit from the Daily Beast: enviable plumbing disasters.

When I saw the story, titled, “George Clooney Has Plumbing Disaster As Obamas Visit Lake Como Villa,” I assumed that George had eaten a few undercooked hens and blown out all of the creaky antique pipes in his stunning Italian villa. I felt unhappy for him, a little embarrassed. These things occur although, I figured, and I changed into positive the Obamas might be gracious approximately having to move downstairs to the bloodless, unfinished basement to apply the one nonetheless-functioning rest room, at the same time as George stayed upstairs eating saltines and drinking Gatorade to regain his strength.

Will George Clooney Ever Recover From His Plumbing Disaster? 1

But I must have found out this became not a regular plumbing disaster, this becomes a superstar plumbing catastrophe. The trouble? According to the Daily Beast, just earlier than Barack, Michelle, Malia, and Sasha arrived at his villa on Lake Como ultimate week, “Clooney noticed that the swimming pool changed into half full and the water turned into like ice. He asked his bodyguard Giovanni to call Dante Pennè, the nearby Lake Como plumber to type him out.


Pennè instructed the Corriere Della Sera newspaper that once he arrived, humans were disappointed, and urging him to hurry. He didn’t know who the visitors have been and advised all and sundry, “Let me paintings, otherwise I won’t be capable of restoration it.” When he did fix it, adjusting the pool’s thermometer and drain, a pleased Clooney reportedly got here out in a “sweaty Casamigos T-shirt,” took a selfie with the plumber.
The bloodless pool was now not the only disaster ahead of the president’s visit. Residents of Lake Como were seemingly pissed off that the Clooneys had monopolized all the nearby gardeners to put together their property for the former First Family. The Obamas had been in Italy to attend a Clooney Foundation for Justice dinner on Saturday night.

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