Transforming Ordinary to Art with Epoxy

Epoxy floors systems can rework regular concrete into a work of artwork. Whether its new production or a floor that has visible better days, new resurfacing technologies are making the opportunities countless.

Keith Kimberlin, proprietor of Surface2Surface Global (S2S), a U.S. Liquid polymer and decorative concrete merchandise producer, and S2S DFW Dealership, a concrete resurfacing company and epoxy flooring installer, has seen first-rate fulfillment in imparting precise concrete flooring answers. His paintings has been featured at the Discovery Channel tv series, Garage Rehab, with Richard Rawlings, wherein suffering automotive stores are transformed into lovely and purposeful spaces. Kimberlin will also be featured in an upcoming episode of Cash Pad, a TV series where Bachelorette alum JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers associate with owners who hope to turn their homes into brief-time period rentals.

Products manufactured and utilized by S2S are born from Kimberlin’s own formulas, which for years he saved to himself. Following the fulfillment of Garage Rehab, however, call for for his offerings has skyrocketed, leading him to launch a worldwide supplier community to train concrete resurfacers in the course of the united states on his techniques.

“I realized one business enterprise can’t cover it all. The best way to do this is to distribute my merchandise via our new dealership community model and educate humans how I do what I do with my products,” says Kimberlin. “It took me 23 years to create those methods and techniques which might be very sound. I’m now at the point that I need to proportion everything I realize.”

This spring, S2S worked on severa initiatives related to its advanced floor systems to mitigate habitual issues, revitalize old spaces and improve normal aesthetics.

Typically, there are five things humans search for when they may be considering these varieties of systems, Kimberlin says, which include:

Maintenance (quick and long term)
“When people are making the selection on which floor system to go together with, it’s essentially performed on the ones 5 additives,” he adds.

A Breathable Solution
In mid-May, S2S implemented its Endura-Top 550 machine at Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems in Springfield, Va. The almost 10,000-square-foot facility changed into completed in two levels, taking nine-10 days to finish.

Endura-Top 550 is a 4-part self-leveling polymer modified urethane concrete system that is going down 3/eight in. Thick. It is typically used by human beings whose concrete surfaces are uncovered to severe conditions.

“People use this in extraordinarily aggressive environments when they want a ground system this is noticeably effect resistant, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, resistant to thermal shock and where there may be a concrete moisture difficulty,” explains Kimberlin.

In addition, it’s far frequently used on damaged floors that proprietors want to make new once more through casting off floor imperfections and damaged areas as a result of years of wear and tear and tear.

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