The Indian artist painting girls’s breast memories

Ask any female, and she will let you know that maximum guys are captivated with breasts. But ask Indian artist Indu Harikumar, and she or he will tell you that maximum girls also are captivated with breasts: their very own. For the past months, she worked on a crowdsourced artwork undertaking called Identity – or identity spelled with two Ts. The motive ought to be apparent! About a year ago, I turned into having a communique with someone on Instagram, and we began to speak to me approximately breasts. She was saying she is top-heavy and talked about how men react while she enters a room. How they best see her big breasts. And I was pronouncing how I have felt insufficient since the time I become a youngster due to the fact I’m no longer busty,” she recounts.

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Our reviews have been distinctive, but they had also been similar. So I asked her if it’d make for a thrilling challenge, and she stated sure. I then requested around to peer if women would participate, and lots of them stated they might contribute. So I determined to do it. The subsequent step turned into what to name it? I requested round for suggestions to call the mission, and a chum came up with Identity, which I idea turned into very appropriate.”

The Mumbai-primarily based artist, who works entirely on Instagram, put out a publish in January asking women to share their “private stories” of breasts, the thrill and sorrows – and once in a while the humiliation – that “the world’s maximum discussed, displayed, and favored body part” had delivered them.

The contributors have been additionally requested to ship a color photo in their bust; they may select whether to be bare or get dressed in “a bra, lace, fabric, sheer, flora, henna…” and whether to seem with their faces visible or blanketed. They had been additionally asked approximately their favored setting for the drawing. The reaction, Ms. Harikumar says, has been overwhelming – because “each girl has a breast tale. The shape and length of your breasts make contributions to who you’re”.

Take, as an example, her very own case.

“When I became a youngster, I became skinny, and I changed into always involved approximately while could I get some breasts. Teenaged boys had been very interested in women with nicely fashioned boobs. Others like us, the flat-chested, used to think we would never locate someone to love us. She says she felt “something became incorrect along with her body,” that she turned into “no longer worthy of love,” and describes the way it drove her into “toxic relationships” because she notion she had to “lap up anything I changed into getting.” She’s now in her mid-30s and believes that she has a lovely frame. However, she says it took her a long term to reach this point.

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