The Flooring ‘Wow Factor’

Gymnasiums in colleges, universities, and recreation facilities are an increasing number of considered as an image of delight. They embody the faculty colors, mascot, and design of the school and become the calling card that is considered via athletes, spectators, alumni, and sports activities fanatics. Having an instantly recognizable ground calls attention to the college and the power — and this signature announcement ground has a “wow aspect.” Here are the best methods to create an assertion ground with the assist of your sports activities floor contractor:


The kind and grade of maple flooring you pick to put into your facility can help make your ground stand out. There are unique styles of maple flooring: strip floors or parquet flooring. Strip flooring is the maximum traditional type of flooring established in athletic facilities. Strip flooring consists of random duration floor strips or finger-jointed flooring strips, which are made up of random period segments that are finger-jointed into flooring strips. Parquet floors are manufactured in rectangular and square panels in the diffusion of dimensions. Using a version in maple timber grades can create definition in the ground without compromising play or overall performance. For instance, the first-grade maple may be used at the primary playing floor with contrasting 1/3 and higher maple on the perimeter for a statement impact. The usage of parquet in particular styles can create a floor as cognizable because of the Boston Garden.

The Flooring ‘Wow Factor’ 1

Incorporating maple and artificial surfaces is another layout issue that may showcase your athletic floor. The use of maple flooring to your fundamental athletic surface, which is then surrounded with an artificial floor like walking music or another athletic floor, contains well collectively to present that precise appearance different centers can’t match.


For years, staining maple flooring proved problematic due to its tight grain sample. However, improvements in utility techniques and mixing stains with ground finish sealers have allowed staining to be an effective software to make your maple ground stand out. The stain may be used on the entire floor or highlight basketball key areas — internal three-factor strains and middle soar circles or emblems. Please make certain you use a skilled contractor to use staining products on maple flooring and ask for references wherein they have effectively used stain.


Game traces and symbols have been implemented in the use of paint for many years. However, stencil usage has allowed game ground set up contractors to get creative designs carried out, even if they are now not considered a Picasso with a paintbrush.

Vinyl Graphics

The use of vinyl portraits is becoming more common, and the effects are awesome. The amount of detail and tricky capabilities pc designed artwork is capable of print is notable. Use any or a mixture of these methods to provide your ground that “wow factor.”The second variable here is a controversial opinion: we do not end match our flooring, which means there is no tongue and groove on the planks’ ends. Since we recommend our floor be glued down, we say this is an unnecessary expense for the customer.

End matching reduces the yield in production and raises labor costs. Most end match profiles are milled so loosely that they really don’t hold the floor in place anyway. The installer’s biggest benefit is that the plank can be cut in half in any place and reused anywhere without having to mate up to a complementary tongue or groove since the end is just square cut.

This means all end trim pieces or any waste can be reused. Therefore, on our engineered flooring product, the waste factor is virtually nothing unless angles or radiuses workaround. We also help with waste factor by usually supplying a random width product so when one gets close to the end of a room, they can plan the width combination patterns out, not to have to rip much off the last row.

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