Substandard Road Construction Irks Locals In Nayagarh District

Nayagarh: Odisha authorities are spending crores of rupees to improve infrastructure and production of roads inside the State. However, people are going through numerous transportation problems because of illegal nexus among some worried officials and contractors who’re resorting to the unfair way even as executing diverse tasks. One such glaring example of corruption has been stated in creating an avenue at Sampada village below Nuagaon Tehsil in Nayagarh district.

Substandard Road

Local citizens alleged that substandard substances had been used to construct the principal avenue connecting Manipur and Samapada village. The 10-kilometer street is being built by the Rural Development branch at an expected price of Rs three. Ninety-seven crore.

The residents informed that the street construction work started in December 2016, turned into targeted to be finished by November 18, 2017. Though the construction paintings are yet to be finished, the road has already developed cracks, and the bitumen of the road effortlessly comes out when a cycle passes on it. One can also, without problems, do away with the bitumen with hands which absolutely indicates that there were massive irregularities in the street production.

Expressing displeasure overusing substandard substances, the locals worry about the individuals and businesses executing the street assignment. “The paintings are of substandard best. As very poor pleasant of substances used, the bitumen comes out even when someone walks over it or removes it via hands,” alleged one Keshab Behera, a nearby resident.

“Thousands of people and other commuters are relying on the street. However, the road’s best is such that the bitumen comes out even when a cycle goes on it. We request the involved officials to provoke a probe into the matter and take motion in opposition to the contractor and people who are worried about it,” stated Chandan Parida, every other nearby resident.

The locals alleged that the road creation work had been carried out within the absence of the involved Executive Engineer and according to the contractor’s desire. As there’s no signboard of the venture, locals alleged that worried officials neglected such irregularities within the production paintings after accepting percent of commission (PC) from the contractor.

On being informed about the bad excellent of road creation, the Executive Engineer of Nayagarh (RD-2), Amersh Chandra Nayak, stated that” Already instructions had been given to the contractor to reconstruct the road. “He (contractor) will rectify and put off the bitumen absolutely and reconstruct the street.”

Nayagarh District Collector, N.Thirumala Naik, has also directed the Executive Engineer to oppose the contractor. “I have directed the Executive Engineer, Nayagarh (RD-2), to do so towards the contractor. We will take steps to keep away from the reoccurrence of such trouble.”

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