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Sonos One ‘Gen 2’ smartspeaker has upgraded internals, same exterior layout

The new model could have a faster processor and additional reminiscence, Sonos advised The Verge. The company didn’t say why stronger performance becomes wanted, but it often introduces new capabilities thru software updates, some of which might be incompatible with older speakers. AirPlay 2, for example, won’t paintings with some Sonos fashions except a recent tool just like the One or Beam is on the equal network.

Sonos One 'Gen 2' smartspeaker has upgraded internals, same exterior layout 1

Another Gen 2 improvement is Bluetooth Low Energy. This makes preliminary setup less complicated because Gen 1 fashions require iPhones and iPads to switch Wi-Fi networks quickly. Still lacking from the speaker is Google Assistant aid, due sometime in 2019. The product was released with Amazon Alexa in 2017 but has always been supposed to assist all three primary voice assistants.

The Gen 2 will sell for $199 at Sonos and taking part retailers. Remaining Gen 1 gadgets will promote at a $20 discount.

I can best repeat what I published in response to every other article: besides the widely recognized troubles with Siri and in my check with 2 HomePods disastrous stereo mode (one in all them while switching at some stage in a check among B&W Zeppelin, Sonos Play:5, and HomePods steadily dropping the connection), it’d take me plenty of convincing to test the HomePod again. Apple has misplaced its side in some regions; beautiful is now not because it is meant to be. And I am saying this as one who uses Apple a LOT both professionally and privately.

It appears that the engineers for both hard- and software are just now not checking out in actual lifestyles situations and competitive situations. E.G., Run a check your self and examine the B&W Zeppelin (much less than 2 HomePods price-wise) with a 2 HomePod setup. I pay attention to music carefully. However, I am no longer this sort of high quit gurus. But it’s miles obvious, as a minimum for my part, that the HonePod seems to attempt to compensate mid-range frequency issues with a robust bass. But although the B&W Zeppelin is also very sturdy within the bass variety, that’s certainly a personal desire if you like it or not. It is average greater homogeneous throughout all frequencies.

I, in all likelihood, could have taken into consideration to preserve the HomePods given its integration with the Apple environment. However, all of the different first-class troubles have made the selection clean for me. But take a look at your self, I just may have had terrible good fortune…

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