Outdoors in Maine: New commissioner operating to help bridge the kingdom’s gap

Recently, Maine’s new fish and flora and fauna commissioner, Judy Camuso, was a studio visitor on Maine Calling, an interactive radio software on the National Public Radio station in Portland. She executed nicely as she mentioned the goals and demanding situations of the department in the months in advance.
The manipulate of coyote populations in the North Woods by way of IF&W contractors, as well as recreational hunters, was a hot topic. There turned into a reported “urban bias,” as a few callers railed towards coyote-population control as an institutionalized policy carried out via the department.

Camuso, to her credit score, saved her cool and defined the organic realities of deer vulnerability to coyotes in deer wintering areas. It appeared that the naysayers, who adamantly hostile coyote population management, actually had no hobby inside the actual global, that they would maintain tight to their shibboleths irrespective of wherein the statistics led.
Among their misguided convictions about coyotes: 1) You can’t manipulate coyote populations; 2) coyotes devour simplest mice.
Neither of those is primarily based in fact. Coyotes are being controlled in Aroostook County. In wintry weather, studies show that venison contains greater than eighty percent of a coyote’s food plan.
Camuso regarded to signify that the branch’s coordinated and funded coyote discount application might retain inside the North Woods. She becomes less committal while it was given around to searching coyotes with hounds in other components of the nation.
Maine’s first lady commissioner conceded to the host, Cindy Han, that all of this is a balancing act. That’s an irony.
Clear to each person paying close attention to this application is the fact that some of the citizens of southern Maine, at the least the ones who call in to radio stations, are clinging to fashionable myths approximately flora and fauna that infrequently mirror what is going on in the Big Woods, a ways from the boutiques in Freeport and the hustle-bustle of Deering Avenue.
During the Maine endure referendum, when there was plenty at stake, IF&W’s group of workers rose to the event and carried out an effective public outreach software that went a protracted way in the direction of bridging the culture and statistics gap between rural and concrete Maine. The equal desires to be performed in relation to predation on deer through each coyote and bears.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is now accepting nominations for the 2019 Annual Lifetime Outdoor Achievement Award. This award, that’s presented by means of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, honors folks who are dedicated to the stewardship and smart use of our natural sources, and who have been or are lively in Maine’s rich outdoor traditions.
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