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New program ambitions to lessen burglaries at stores, eateries

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — A sticker to discourage crime.

Local commercial enterprise proprietors are setting stickers in-store home windows to message thieves and hold their difficult-earned coins. Video from Frankie’s Pizza on South Congress Avenue indicates an intruder got here in at 3 a.M. And stole two coin drawers inside seconds. Another spoil-in happened at a Domino’s Pizza in Delray Beach, wherein a burglar got here interior about a half-hour after his accomplice smashed the glass inside the front door. Police say he checked a coins drawer, which turned empty, then grabbed a safe and left.

lessen burglaries at stores

Delray Beach police say those after-hours spoil-ins would possibly in no way have happened if the corporations had a new sticky label displayed in their keep window. A decal that reads, “NO CASH HERE.” Some organizations, like Over the Bridge Café on Atlantic Avenue, have already got the sticker prominently located in their front window

They haven’t had a break-in and need to preserve it in that manner.

“If each person had been to interrupt into right here, that’s destroying our livelihood,” stated Samantha Newman, co-owner of Over the Bridge Café. They’ve decided not to allow crooks to get in and thieve coins because at night, the check-in is continually empty. There’s not anything in right here for them to truly want to come in and take,” Newman said. The blue and vivid yellow window sticky label say,, “NO CASH HERE. THIS BUSINESS DOES NOT KEEP CASH IN THE REGISTER OVERNIGHT.”

You’re letting capability burglars realize I don’t have any cash in my commercial enterprise after hours. You depart the cash sign-up drawer open so they could see that,” said Dani Moschella, spokesperson for the Delray Beach Police Department. Police experience when a might-be burglar sees that decal, they recognize that breaking into this region isn’t really worth it.

It tells them don’t bother breaking in,” Moschella said.

Police hope that is a concept as a way to seize on, and more and more companies will begin placing those in their home windows and casting off their coins at night.

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