New, larger location way greater possibility for Waunakee flooring employer

Majestic Flooring and More now has even extra.

The floors shop opened in Waunakee in 2015 on the Village Mall has been in operation, seeing that May in its new, large storefront between Associated Bank and the Dollar Tree. Going from a 2, three hundred-rectangular-foot showroom to a 5,000-rectangular-foot showroom has allowed the corporation to extend its extent, say its proprietors, Vic and Michelle Endres.

New, larger location way greater possibility for Waunakee flooring employer 1

“It permits us to stock more products, so they’re without problems available for clients who need stuff proper away,” Vic stated. “We’re additionally able to reveal new merchandise. That consists of countertops, desktops, and custom showers that Majestic Flooring and More can set up. With a bigger showcase place and stock volume, they can also inventory vanities, vanity tops, luxurious vinyl planks and Tiles (LVP and LVT), sheet vinyl, and hardwood floors.

A Mohawk Edge provider, the business enterprise has its personal installers on staff and its personal carpenter. The owners have additionally come to be a Graber provider and could have blinds on display for sale, as well from Graber-Springs. After Majestic Flooring moved to Waunakee from Baraboo in 2015, sales multiplied without delay. They’ve elevated their offerings through the years, adding cabinetry, showers, and blinds.

We’re getting a fork raise, so we’ll be able to have bigger rolls come rather than the cuts,” Michelle stated, including that makes a distinction within the pricing. The new place is more visible than the preceding one and has resulted in more. The Endress says that using their personal installers, rather than hiring out subcontractors, makes the business enterprise particular. They have seven personnel, all with many years of experience. Vic has more than 30 years in the floors business. Putting carpet fragments to apply, they’ve started their personal line of Mighty Kitty Cat Furniture, generating cat timber, scratching posts, and cat dens.

Michelle also plans to start stocking domestic décor and add-ons properly. Also new is the addition of deck constructing, Vic stated. The organization even completed an entire domestic for one client, placing the drywall, portray, putting in floors and custom showers – everything but the plumbing and electricity.

We really hope to be pushing greater cabinets and countertops,” Vic said. “We have one of the pleasant trim carpenters and cupboard installers inside the enterprise.” The couple seems to be looking towards destiny and might buy a binding machine to produce custom vicinity rugs. With LVT and LVP, place rugs could be greater popular once more,” Michelle stated. To celebrate their new area, the Endreses plan a grand starting on Aug. Eight from four-8 p.M. With appetizers and beverages from Rex’s Innkeeper. Sales representatives will attend as nicely, and there may be several income and giveaways.

We have elevated our site visitors. It’s a terrific location. I accept as true with the area has plenty to do with a business making it,” Michelle stated. The third variable is the installation costs. Our engineered product has labor savings over our solid wood product because it is pre-sanded and milled to tighter tolerances. It is also prefilled in the holes and has next to zero waste. On the other hand, you may have a little more in cost of gluing it down in addition to nails, but this is just a step in the direction of better quality and peace of mind during the install.

Fourth, factor in the cost of refinishing the floor later or doing touchups. This is a whole other article. Some finishes can be spot touched up like some of the oils, while others require a full sand over the whole floor. Some finishes require a professional installer and may have extreme odor during the cure. If you live with the floor for very long, factor these decisions for the type of finish to choose for lifetime durability and the cost & effort to refinish.

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