Mumbai-based totally artist is portray Pune slums to trade attitude of humans. The consequences are lovely


The underprivileged sections of our society are usually the most rejected and disregarded.

However, an artist from Mumbai has taken it upon herself to trade the mindset of human beings in her unique personal way.

Rouble Nagi is bringing shade to the slums of Pune using portray the houses there under the ‘Misaal Mumbai’ initiative.

The trouble is the founding father of the Mumbai-primarily based NGO that goes via the call of Rouble Nagi Art Foundation. Rouble informed ANI that her principal purpose in the back of this task is to hook up with human beings.

She said, “I want to hook up with those people via arts. The important aim isn’t always to color the partitions however deliver a change of their attitude.”

Rouble persevered, “When I paint 20 partitions here, two hundred human beings come & stand with me. If I go to their domestic as a social activist&try to help, they’ll have that hypothesis that who’s she. So we start with coloring, they arrive out of their houses, & it’s while we inform them what we want to do.”

Her initiative has long gone viral, and Twitterati can’t stop praising Rouble and her concept at the back of the complete system.