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Multitask Cleaning Services repeats as Farm League champs

Above, the contributors of the Multitask Cleaning Services baseball team, which repeated as Manville Farm League champions last Saturday at Manville Memorial Park, are, in the front from left, Griffin Morin, Aiden Darling, Owen Boulay, Isaiah Guertin, Austin Musa, and Gerson Alvarez; in the middle row, Elijah Guertin, Brayden Rousseau, John Angilly, Brayden Valentin, Avery Morin, Kail Bernier, and Cassidy Darling; in the lower back, assistant coaches Dave Soares, Ryan Morin, and Wendy Guertin, head Coach Danielle Morin, and assistant coaches Francis Morin, Scott Darling, and Tayla Valentin. Multitask Cleaning Services crowned Manville Sportsmen’s Club inside the title game, four-2. Below, the league’s Keigan Morin Sportsmanship Award recipients are, from left, Madison Stewart, Brayden Valentin, head umpire Keigan Morin, Juliana Palin, and Trey Bourquin. Kaydan Fontaine and Blake McGarrigle also received Sportsmanship Awards.

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LINCOLN – Multitask Cleaning Services won any other Walter Hallas championship trophy and repeated as champions of the Manville Farm League remaining Saturday using topping the team it confronted in closing season’s finals Manville Sportsmen’s Club, through a 4-2 rating at Manville Memorial Park. Manville Sportsmen’s Club held a 1-zero lead at the quit of three innings of play, way to the remarkable attempt of ace pitcher Austin MacKall, who also brought a run-scoring unmarried in the first inning that drove in Trey Bourquin.

Within the fourth inning, Multitask Cleaning Services scored four instances off Manville Sportsmen’s Club’s relief pitching. Base hits using Kail Bernier and Brayden Rousseau placed runners at the corners with one out for Brayden Valentin and Elijah Guertin, who drove in runs with singles, and Isaiah Guertin, who delivered a -out, two-run hit. In the sixth inning, Manville Sportsmen’s Club did its nice to return lower back. MacKall drove in a run with a base hit; however, with runners on base and one out, Valentin, who pitched the complete recreation for Multitask Cleaning Services, retired the following two batters to give up the competition and clinch the name.

The Manville Sportsmen’s Club remaining received the championship in 2015 and ’16.

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