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Meet The Company That Is Taking On AirBnB

What makes the proper life? That’s a question The Plum Guide is running to answer. A clean excursion apartment platform, Plum Guide become created with the aid of Doron Meyassed, an entrepreneur who got the concept after traveling to Tel Aviv for a friend’s wedding ceremony and staying in a luxurious condo apartment. From this, Meyassed was given the idea of creating a vetted, pressure-clean marketplace for the top 1% of houses. It was released in London at the start of 2016 and is now increasing to include homes within the US and across Europe with four new locations: Los Angeles, New York, Rome, and Milan.

Taking On AirBnB

1. How do you separate the coolest from the excellent?

We are on an assignment to construct a definitive collection of the arena’s quality homes. We are taking a scientific and obsessive approach to vet each unmarried domestic on earth and accepting most effective the pinnacle one percentage. And that’s what makes The Plum Guide precisely: our navy of expert Home Critics, who visit every home in man or woman and behavior an exhaustive two-hour home take a look at, protecting over a hundred and fifty specific standards. For a house to be ordinary, it has to skip one hundred fifty measures—these criteria, which we name.

The Science Behind The Perfect Stay” constitutes what we accept as true with the proper stay substances. We are undertaking to construct a marketplace of the world’s most beautiful excursion homes for actual. I say for practical because this isn’t some indistinct qualitative ambition. We imply it. We take a systematic and obsessive technique to vet each unmarried domestic on this planet and accept most effective the top one percent.

Or occasionally, I say: “We’re constructing the arena’s largest boutique resort.

The Plum collection is comprehensive and “platform-agnostic”: we’re virtually vetting every home to be had to a quick-term permit in each city. This has in no way been attempted earlier than. There are lots of systems providing choices of ‘nice homes.’ Still, there’s no equal Metacritic (like in the movie) or Michelin Guide (for eating places). The selection is comprehensive, and it selects the first-rate from all the different structures accessible.

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