Maintain high requirements in Ambethkar study circle

Kadapa: District Collector CH. Harikiran has directed the officials to hold high standards in Ambethkar Study Circle constructing construction. The collector at the side of municipal Commissioner, Social Welfare department DD, engineering officers inspected the continuing production works of Ambethkar circle building contrary to Silparam outskirts of Kadapa town on Friday.

Ambethkar study circle

At this event, the collector has enquired the engineering officials over the construction of construction. He stated that authorities had sanctioned Ambethkar circle cum homes for Tirupati, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam am, Kadapa country. Directing the officers no longer to compromise over retaining requirements inside the building products, he said authorities had sanctioned Rs 7 crores for the proposed building. Advertise With Us Collector also suggested the engineers look at putting in sound evidence window panes to fend off disturbance and sounds each time there have been meetings and other programs prepared inside the construction. Kadapa Municipal Commissioner Lavanna, Social Welfare DD M. Saraswati, and others were present.

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