Love the outdoors but hate midges? You want this game-changing tenting chair

Whether it is at a competition, camping, or a day down the park, nothing pretty ruins your day, like being attacked through midges. The Scottish midge takes no prisoners, and if the climate is damp and humid enough, you may discover yourself being eaten alive by using the little pests. They’ve were given the quick wing-speed of all bugs, and there are over 35 species of the biting range – meaning that for quite a few humans sitting outdoors can be a total no move if it’s midge season. Luckily, however, an Amazon vendor has stepped in to store us all from the dreaded beastie. The Kelsyus Original Canopy Bug Guard is a foldable seat that includes a built-in net to maintain mosquitoes and midges alike out and additionally gives 50+ UPF solar protection – so that you should say it’s a Scottish crucial.

Love the outdoors but hate midges? You want this game-changing tenting chair 1

When the coast’s clear, you roll up the netting, and you’ll locate yourself with an everyday camping chair that folds down into a wonderfully transportable bag. Available on Amazon, the product description says that Kelsyus Canopy Chair with Bug Guard “is your best companion for staying comfortable and guarded against the factors at sporting activities, tailgating parties, camping trips, and different doors activities.

“We have attempted just about the whole lot to defend my spouse from mosquitoes. Citronella plants and candles, several different advocated plant life, however zappers, to no avail. Now she hunkers down in her canopy chair and gets no bites. Best safety we have observed,” stated one happy client. Tips For Designing an Outdoor Bedroom If you enjoy sleeping under the stars, don’t settle for a tent in the backyard. With the right tools, you can design the perfect outdoor bedroom where you can enjoy a romantic evening on those warm summer nights.

Cover Your Head- Make sure your patio or outdoor space has a roof. This will protect you from inclement weather. A roof will also help prevent the sun from bearing down on you during your afternoon nap, keeping you safe from sunburns and sun poisoning. It also provides you with shade, so your outdoor bedroom remains at a cooler temperature than other open areas of your backyard.

Create Walls- While you don’t want to completely enclose your outdoor bedroom because, let’s face it, that would ruin the entire point of outdoor space, you will still want to protect yourself from the sun and bugs. Adding curtains will keep out the sun in the early morning and during the day when you are sleeping. By adding mosquito netting, you can keep out flying insects and prevent bugs from crawling in your bed.

Flooring- Even though you are outdoors, that does not mean you have to deal with grass, dirt, wood, or concrete under your feet. When you wake up in the morning, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could step on a comfortable floor? Go barefoot with some outdoor carpet, rubber flooring, or even an outdoor rug. Don’t Settle For Just a Bed- You will, of course, need a bed in your outdoor bedroom, but try to include other types of furniture as well, so this space can truly be comfortable and used for more than just sleeping. Add wicker furniture, like a day bed, sofa, or loveseat. This will allow you to use your bedroom to read your favorite book, chat with your loved ones, or sit and watch the sunset.

Decorate! Once you have your bedroom’s basic structure set up and your wicker furniture in place, start decorating. Pull in ideas from the outdoors with big planters full of green shrubbery and plants. Use colorful pillows, blankets, throws, and seat cushions to add plenty of variety to your décor. Please make sure you also use an outdoor storage bench to store these items when you are not using them. Fill your outdoor space with bookshelves, exercise equipment, games, or any other resource that will help you entertain others and thoroughly enjoy your new bedroom.

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