Jeong Greem brings doodles to lifestyles in Mono furniture series

Three-dimensional doodle-like strains shape this collection of furniture by using Korean designer Jeong Greem, which objectives to respire lifestyles into mundane, normal substances.

The Mono furniture series sees easy, single-line drawings translated into a chain of rope-like benches, chairs, tables, and lamps.
Each piece has been made from silicone foam tubes – a material generally used in production to shield wires and drain pipes – that have been bent into a twisting, rhythmic traces that Greem likens to animal tails.

The Seoul-primarily based fashion designer wanted to use ambitious colorations and uncommon forms to animate apparently boring and commonplace substances which include this.
Greem also found the homes of the tube fabric interesting, as it is easy to the touch and bendy to work with, but it’s far very long-lasting, waterproof and not stricken by any external shocks.

Greem started out designing the furniture by removing the fundamental additives of every piece, along with the seat, again and legs of a chair or bench.

“Since it turned into extra like a ‘sitting object’ in place of a commonplace chair, question marks have been naturally drawn into peoples minds,” she explained. “As intended, many visitors asked whether or not it become fixtures or set up.”

“Different strains and shapes display a phantasm of a drawing that fills in an empty area,” Greem persisted.
“Since the Mono collection differs from currently present furniture, it stimulates users’ curiosity and a feel of get away from what human beings are used to,” she added.

As the furnishings is fashioned from one of a kind configurations of an unmarried line, there’s the ability for limitless variations in design, in addition to the scale of the pieces.
Greem is likewise experimenting with protecting the tubes in unique materials, which includes fur, velvet, and metal.

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