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HC refuses to entertain petition on DU hostel accommodation

On Wednesday, the Delhi High Court declined to entertain a petition searching for a route to Delhi University (DU) to make sure that each everyday student reading in the varsity gets hostel lodging. A Bench of Chief Justice D.N. Patel and Justice C. Hari Shankar turned into the view that there was no statutory responsibility for Delhi University to offer hostel lodging to all students.

Monthly stipend

The Bench also rejected the extra plea of the petition by means of Praveen Kumar Singh to pay a monthly stipend of ₹10, 000 to each regular pupil who isn’t able to comfortable a hostel seat. The petition, filed through advising Kamlesh Kumar Mishra, stated that of the 1, eighty-four,668 students enrolled in DU as in keeping with RTI respond, only 6,235 or three.37% have hostel accommodation. Other college students have been left at the mercy of exploitative landlords and belongings sellers, the plea stated.

The plea had sought to claim the place in and around the 5-km radius of the Delhi University “South Campus and North Campus” as a unique students area where a minimal lease is fixed for the accommodation for the students. It also sought to end the disparity among departmental canteen food quoted for ga roup of workers participants and canteen for college kids.

Advocate Mishra stated he’s going to circulate the higher court against the High Court’s decision.
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