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From protection deposit to lease hike, what draft tenancy regulation proposes

Are you residing on the lease? The authorities have given you a draft tenancy regulation for you and your landlord. So a ways you have to have observed the point of interest in buying belongings or on home loans from the government. In this Budget, the finance minister spoke approximately tenancy law, publish which the government has proposed a Model Tenancy Law to modify renting of premises.

From protection deposit to lease hike, what draft tenancy regulation proposes 1
“This isn’t always the primary time. There had been archaic laws relating to this space. States have their own Rent Control Acts, which are vintage and not genuinely serving the genuine cause,” stated Ramesh Nair, chief govt officer and USA head, JLL India.


According to the brand new draft Model Tenancy Act, 2019, security deposit has been capped to most of the months’ hire in case of residential assets, and at the least one month’s rent inside the case of non-residential assets. The draft imposes a penalty for failure to vacate a residential unit. The landlord is entitled to get a reimbursement of double the month-to-month lease for two months and 4 times of the month-to-month lease thereafter if a tenant does not vacate the premises after tenancy has been terminated through order, observe, or as in keeping with the settlement. Also, the landlord can’t hike the lease in the middle of the tenure.

A landlord can’t cut off or withhold critical materials or offerings consisting of energy and water under the new Act. The assets proprietor needs to supply the previous word of 3 months before revising the hire price.
The tenant cannot sublet a part of or the complete property to a person else. The draft also makes it the landlord’s duty to rectify structural damages, undertake whitewashing walls, and portray doorways and home windows. “With almost 30% of households in city areas staying in rented lodging, this regulation could have a great effect on the rental marketplace. The regulation, if carried out, may have policies for each residential and non-residential premise. It is early to touch upon the actual implementation method,” said Nair.

At first look, the draft policies seem to be favorable for both tenants and landlords.

However, there are a few inherent challenges. The cap on the security deposit can end up an ache-factor for lots of landlords in towns such as Bengaluru —a ten-month safety deposit (with a few scopes for negotiation) became the well-known norm. Also, if a tenant defaults or reasons giant harm to belonging, a -monthly protection deposit might not cowl the costs the property owner incurs in maintenance. While the authorities lay down the basic regulations, the exact rules will likely change within each nation, considering land is a state difficulty.

Like we noticed within the distinctly lopsided rollout of RERA, the Model Tenancy Act, 2019 may additionally lose its actual cause if states do not comply with the primary guidelines and dilute them,” said Anuj Puri, chairman, Anarock Property Consultants. According to Puri, the Model Tenancy Act, 2019 – like RERA – might also well emerge as a method instead of an event and need numerous route corrections to reduce nearby dilutions earlier than it becomes a force to reckon with.

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