Five motives why wood is a smart and elegant flooring choice

Hardwood flooring is one of the most famous floors options in homes across Australia. Whether we’re speakme approximately original hardwood flooring in history-indexed houses or engineered timber flooring in new homes, timber is a timeless flooring traditional that only receives higher as it ages. However, in case you’re still a bit hesitant to go down the timber floor direction, or you’re truely finding out whether or not pulling up your carpet is a great concept or no longer, we spoke to the renovation and adhesive professionals – the Bostik Boys Adrian Franchina and Mark Menegatti, to find out why wooden floors is one of the first-class floors alternatives accessible.

Five motives why wood is a smart and elegant flooring choice 1

1. It lasts a life-time and is value-powerful

“A wood ground is more difficult and extra-durable than other surfaces. Flooring alternatives together with vinyl, laminate, bamboo, carpet, and tiles have a lifespan of 10 – 15 years, and despite the fact that they might appear like a cheaper choice, in the lengthy-term timber can show to be greater cost-effective.”

2. Healthier alternative

“Timber floors have been validated to decrease stress tiers, heart price, and blood pressure and can even stability emotional states. Timber flooring can also slight humidity levels, which improves air high-quality. Unlike guy-made products, timber doesn’t comprise volatile natural compounds (VOCs) which can be harmful to fitness.

3. It’s unique

Born from Mother Nature, each tree and timber floorboard is precise, making sure no flooring will ever be the same. This can not be stated for most flooring alternatives like bamboo, vinyl, laminate, carpet and carpet tiles.”

4. Quick to clean

“When it involves protection, hardwood is less difficult to maintain clean than most different floors alternatives. A brief sweep or antistatic mop will pick up most of the dirt, and a damp mop as soon as a month is all the attention your flooring will want.

5. Sustainable

Most wood floorings are sourced from cautiously controlled Australian forests. The actual carbon emitted in the course of the manufacturing of floorboards is some distance less than the carbon emitted generating other substances which include concrete and ceramic tiles. Wood breaks down naturally while disposed of, not like carpet, vinyl or tiles, and wooden flooring additionally acts as a natural insulator bringing the warm temperature to your home and decreasing the need for heating.

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