Daylight Saving Time coupled with hotter climate attracts Winchester citizens exterior

WINCHESTER, Va. – Early Sunday morning, we grew to become our clocks one hour forward for Daylight Saving Time.

On the first day of springing ahead, many people were out enjoying the climate, taking walks their puppies and getting in some outdoor exercising. After snowstorms closing week, residents are welcoming the 60-diploma weather. Daylight Saving Time commenced with the Uniform Time Act of 1966, and Virginia is one of the many states that participate.

“We got here truly to enjoy the quite climate and take a look at out the museums. The road’s excellent to walk up and down, masses of true sights and scents,” stated Fauquier County resident Danielle Kestner.

Hawaii and Arizona are the most straightforward states that have opted out of watching Daylight Saving Time and a few different states are considering the option as well.

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