CORRIE ON HOME Inside Coronation Street’s Angela Griffin’s stunning

In the coming weeks after two decades, Angela, who returns to Coronation Street, has been documenting her renovations on a weblog. The superb new kitchen has darkish blue devices, white worktops, and a breakfast bar under a big window searching out into the garden.

CORRIE ON HOME Inside Coronation Street’s Angela Griffin’s stunning 1

It has a massive double refrigerator-freezer and two stacked ovens – perfect for hosting dinner events for all her celeb friends. But the pièce de résistance is the appropriate pattern-tile floors. “Exactly how we wanted it. It’s been an extended street, but we came in the end (well, almost. Couple of little bits to complete),” Angela proudly says. The kitchen is open plan to a living region with grand sofas and fire as the focal point. The flooring – which is heated – is zig-zac wood panels, with a rustic-searching fowl print wallpaper on one function wall. The big wood dining desk sits eight humans, with the actress revealing she ‘christened it’ two days ago while she had visitors over for dinner.

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The kitchen is the important part of the home, is the number one contributing component inside the general fitness and well-being of occupants. The kitchen is the most affected vicinity of residence from in which all kinds of energies prevails. Thus, this critical part of residence has to be positioned on its corresponding place, South-east governed by way of element Fire.

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