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A FEW days in the past, I met one among my buddies who’s an instructor. I requested him if he had any enter at the currently announced plan to improve the quality of preferred schooling inside the Kingdom. He replied that he had heard and read about the plan with a broad face; however, there has not been anything new on the ground in truth. He stated he became fortunate enough that he changed into teaching his students inside the kitchen of a small, rented building.

According to the instructor, the youngsters are stuffed in a tiny space, like the sticks in a matchbox. They are deprived of the possibility for any physical, leisure, and cultural activities. Sometimes they may even be denied clean air to respire. He stated his most critical situation was the catastrophe waiting to appear. In case of a prime fire in the school, Allah forbid, there’s little chance of everyone escaping from the narrow and crowded building.


Over the past few a long time, every time a brand new schooling minister was appointed, we heard some announcements for enhancing the best of schooling. Each minister made a thorough evaluation of the existing device and then pointed out his destiny plans. Workshops, forums, and seminars might at once follow. Many committees and sub-committees would be constituted to brainstorm new strategies. The only achievement would be a brand new logo and stamp for the ministry on the give-up day.

In the call of curriculum reform, a few textbooks could have new names, however, with no exchange in content material. The books would be reprinted at huge charges and full of errors. This took place when the faculties persevered to operate from rented buildings with plans to assemble new schools through the government has placed on the keep. A local newspaper recently published an interesting report approximately the country of trendy training inside us of a. It said the ratio of rented faculties did now not drop below 20 percent at any point within the beyond 14 years. On a few occasions, this ratio rose above 23 percent.

The situation on the floor remained unchanged, although each new minister got here and gave guarantees to resolve the issue as a top priority and near the bankruptcy of rented colleges once and for all. The previous minister tried to resolve the hassle with the aid of merging faculties in rented constructing with the ones which have own buildings inside the region, hence developing new trouble of overcrowded school rooms. He also resorted to commencing night faculties. However, none of this helped decrease the high percentage of rented faculties.

I attempted to research the reasons given using training officials for the high number of rented faculties and why they couldn’t clear it up despite the broad price range allotted for the education branch every 12 months. The achievable clarification turned into that the variety of college students multiplied each yr hastily. Another excuse was that the ministry did no longer own enough quantity of empty plots of land to assemble new colleges.

I wish this situation might change all through the tenure of our new schooling minister.

I assume from the new minister is to take the difficulty of rented schools seriously and give you a simple plan to address it. This plan needs to have a timeline from start and finish. And there ought to be a properly-described yardstick to measure the development of work. This could be a remarkable breakthrough to solve the long-status difficulty of rented schools and acquire the bold dreams of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

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