China Wood Flooring Markets, 2019-2025: Sales is Expected to Reach RMB94.9 Billion

China’s Wood Flooring Sales is Expected to Reach RMB94. Nine Billion in 2025, Stimulated by a Combination of Positive Factors. With the better well-known of residing and the humans’ desire for contemporary life, timber floors see a growing proportion within China’s floors enterprise, up from 33.Nine% in 2009 to 38.9% in 2018, only in the back of that of floor tile.


Over a long time of development, a whole machine has been developed within the Chinese wooden flooring enterprise, making the country one of the essential producers and clients of wood floors globally. In 2018, the Chinese wooden flooring market sustained an increase and became worth as tons as RMB71.6 billion. The wood floors businesses of sizable scale sold 417.6 million square meters of timber and bamboo flooring in general, zero.6% more than in the previous year.

By product, laminate wood floors, as the mainstay of the wood floors industry in China, usually accounts for over 50% of overall wooden flooring income, but the proportion is on the decline; engineered hardwood floors follows with a growing share yr by using 12 months, at the least 20% of general timber floors sales. Among wood flooring bought in China in 2018, fifty-one .1% became laminate timber flooring and 28.8% engineered hardwood floors.

There are roughly three 000 timber flooring manufacturers in China, extra than 1,2 hundred of which could produce each laminate wood floors and engineered hardwood flooring. The influential gamers consist of Dare Power Dekor Home Co, Ltd, Nature Home Holding Co, Ltd, Zhejiang Shiyou Timber Co, Ltd, Elegant Living, Jiusheng Flooring Co, Ltd, Yihua Lifestyle Technology Co, Ltd., And Kronoswiss. They boast considerable potential and make deployments on a larger scale. Among them, Dare Power Dekor Home Co, Ltd. As a bellwether in China’s wooden floors industry can produce fifty-three million square meters yearly, promoting 46.48 million square meters in 2018, or eleven.1% of the whole wooden floors sold in China.

China’s wood flooring industry will display developments as follows:

  • Green and surroundings-friendly wood flooring can be a trend.
  • Solid timber flooring with the heating system will herald a duration increase.
  • The industry becomes increasingly more focused.
  • Penetration of wooden floors is on the rise.
  • Imported flooring will lose its competitive side.
China Wood Flooring Industry Report, 2019-2025 highlights the following:

Global timber floors enterprise (mainly, European and American wooden floors industries) China timber flooring enterprise development environment (downstream industries, guidelines, and financial image) China timber flooring industry (repute quo, market size, marketplace shape, competitive pattern, import and export, and improvement traits) China timber flooring marketplace segments (reputation quo, competitive landscape, and development characteristics) China wooden flooring uncooked materials market (delivery and call for, import and export, etc.) 18 Chinese wood floors companies (operation, revenue shape, wood floors, commercial enterprise, etc.).

China Wood Flooring Market

  • 4.1 Development Status
  • 4.2 Market Size
  • 4.3 Market Structure
  • 4.4 Competitive Landscape
  • 4.5 Import & Export
  • 4.5.1 Import
  • 4.5.2 Export
  • 4.6 Development Trend
  • 4.6.1 Green Flooring Is a Trend, and Environmental Protection is a Necessity
  • 4.6.2 Solid Wood Floor with Heating System Will Enjoy New Growth
  • 4.6.3 Industry Concentration Ratio Increasingly Improved
  • 4.6.4 China Wood Flooring Industry Penetration Rate Gradually Improved
  • 4.6.5 Partial Enterprises Actively Expand Capacity to Enhance Competitive Strength
  • 4.6.6 Urbanization Development Boosts the Development of Wood Flooring Industry
  • 4.6.7 Imported Flooring Loses Advantage

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