Buying A Property

Buying a property in Montenegro

Interested in buying belongings in Montenegro, but now not sure a way to begin?

Montenegro’s vital European place and lots of opportunities for people with an entrepreneurial spirit have made it an appealing vacation spot for the ones looking for sunny skies and a slower tempo of life. There are a lot of human beings shifting to Montenegro. Highly qualified foreign people and self-employed people were finding their way to Montenegro for decades now.

With its suitable scenery and a cheap fee of dwelling, Montenegro has even turn out to be a favorite base for digital nomads. Many of these people have decided to buy a property right here and haven’t looked again.

As an overseas buyer, there are masses of pitfalls you want to be privy to earlier than you purchase. You’ll want to do your research, and you’ll genuinely need a person nearby with the aid of your aspect. We pretty recommend getting expert help while you buy belongings right here.

Whether you’re searching out a sunny bolthole of your personal or funding belonging, Montenegro is one of the high-quality, and maximum lower priced, places in Europe.

Here’s a listing of the ordinary expenses and who pays them:
Lawyer’s costs.
Seller will pay the real estate agent.
Buyer pays for notarizing documents.
Buyer pays 3% to identify transfer tax.
Cost of business enterprise formation and registration for land purchases.
Property Purchase Costs
Reservation deposit

Usually €five,000 – €10,000


Approximately €1,000 for the purchase of a mid-size apartment and showed earlier than appointment

Power of Attorney

Approximately €50 to €a hundred and twenty which include the translation

Notary Fee for the verification of the Main Sales Contract

0,00 – five.000,00 = 70 €

five.001,00 – 20.000,00 = a hundred and twenty €

20.001,00 – forty.000,00 = a hundred and seventy €

forty.001,00 – 60.000,00 = 250 €

60.001,00 – eighty.000,00 = three hundred €

80.001,00 – one hundred twenty.000,00 = 350 €

For the property valued above €120,000 for every boom of property fee of €15,000, the price is expanded by using €10. The most Notary charge chargeable is €five,000.

Translation of the Power of Attorney & Contract

Interpretation of these files is carried out via a licensed court docket translator. The standard charge in line with the page is approximately €20, depending on the number of characters in step with the web page.

A trendy agreement is typically written on five pages. Any additional modifications to the contract asked by shoppers are also chargeable. Usually, translation expenses, in general, may be calculated at about €one hundred-€2 hundred.

Cadastre taxes and charges

Cadastre taxes are €15 on average.

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