Brothers accused of strolling roofing rip-off granted bond in Volusia County


A judge granted bond Wednesday to 2 guys accused of running a roofing scam that defrauded more than 100 Floridians. Adolph and John Carlson, the operators of Carlson Enterprises roofing employer, were in jail for the past month when they had been charged with counts of first-diploma criminal fraud over $50,000. Depending on how quickly their attorneys can round up their passports and provide special no-visa journey certificates for Adolph Carlson to the Volusia County Courthouse clerk, they may be released Wednesday.

Brothers accused of strolling roofing

A crowd of alleged Carlson Enterprises victims had been in the court docket on Wednesday, and that they have been all hoping the brothers could be saved behind bars. Afterward, several said they had been disgusted to hear an investigator describing how the two guys spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on luxurious lifestyles and could now be unfastened pending trial. “It just makes me sick that they nearly painted them as those negative little guys who had a rough existence… I don’t feel sorry for them in any respect,” former patron Pam Anderson said.

According to the Florida Attorney General and the State Attorney’s offices, between January 2016 and April 2018, at the least 118 house owners paid for roof work they did no longer get. During that point, Carlson Enterprises gathered extra than $31 million in revenue. A pre-trial conference will take the region in approximately weeks, and the trial is scheduled for the subsequent month. Investigators with the country lawyer’s office said he expects at the least one additional arrest in the case. Follow this tale to get instantaneous electronic mail indicators from WESH at the modern-day developments and associated subjects.

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