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Bangladesh Home Minister to visit India on August 7

Bangladesh Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan will visit India on August 7, throughout which he’ll hold bilateral talks with Home Minister Amit Shah. He is in all likelihood to flag problems like illegal immigration and anti-terror cooperation, officials stated. This can be the first interplay that Shah will have with an overseas chief after assuming the user’s home minister’s rate two months ago.

Bangladesh Home Minister to visit India on August 7 1

Khan will have bilateral talks with the home minister on August 7 whilst troubles concerning international locations might be discussed threadbare, a Home Ministry stated. Shah is known to have a tough stand on the issue of unabated unlawful immigration from Bangladesh. Anti-terror cooperation, illegal immigrants’ movement, and smuggling of farm animals, palms and ammunition, and some other issues are anticipated to be mentioned in Shah’s talk with Khan. The radicalization of youths and Rohingya refugee’s troubles may determine inside the talks. The delegation-stage talks can also be attended by using pinnacle inner protection officials of India and Bangladesh.

During the delegation-stage communication, steps to be taken to strengthen the existing mechanism to test unlawful immigrants’ movement and smuggling of livestock, narcotics, and different objects thru the porous Indo-Bangla border will determine prominently, another official said. India stocks a 4,096-kilometre-lengthy border with Bangladesh.1. Are You Serious About Your Home Business?

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