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Arquitectura-G builds cutting-edge house at the back of crumbling antique stone walls

Barcelona-based workplace Arquitectura-G revived the web page while respecting its sensitive historical context. The new construction, referred to as Single Family House, is erected in the existing walls, which have been preserved as they had been located. The plot is enclosed on both sides using celebration walls. It is separated at the road stage from one of its neighbors via a small passageway that connects a primary thoroughfare with the medieval metropolis hall located directly at the house’s back.

Arquitectura-G builds cutting-edge house at the back of crumbling antique stone walls 1

This open-air public limited-access highway contains the house’s first front and affords a covered region for storing firewood or parking a bicycle. A sliding display screen crafted from purple perforated metallic may be closed over to protect the assets’ entrance. A glazed sliding door in the back of the display screen opens onto an area with the same stone paving because of the passageway, which minimizes the edge between indoors and exterior. On the ground floor, bedrooms and a lavatory are located on either side of the critical corridor. One of the bedrooms homes simple timber bunk beds and capabilities a window with a stepped edge that appears onto the medieval wall.

The master suite on the alternative side of the entrance has a degree alternate leading to a dressing vicinity. It carries an opening aligned with a doorway within the single stone wall. Two large home windows on either aspect of the space look out towards the medieval wall and the close by Montgrí mountain, while a gap in the roof frames a portion of the sky. A kitchen and eating area is located on one side of the relevant staircase, with the desk abutting the curved edge of the stairwell.

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