Apparently, Da Vinci Painted A Nude Twin Of Mona Lisa’s Painting And It’s Called ‘Monna Vanna’

Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece Mona Lisa is one of the most well-liked paintings in records. Over the years, there have been some imitations of this legendary artwork. But now, a ‘nude model’ of the legendary paintings has gone viral and what is greater exciting is that experts agree with that it’s miles the work of the grasp himself.

Experts at The Louvre in Paris stated that the nude art has a resemblance with the original ‘Mona Lisa’ and it may be probably the work of Da Vinci, suggested AFP

Monna Vanna – AFP

The Louvre, a museum in Paris has the essential collection of Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings inclusive of Mona Lisa. The specialists examined a charcoal drawing that resembled Mona Lisa, and that changed into while the research of the portrays commenced.

“There is a powerful possibility that Leonardo did most of the drawing. It is a work of very first-rate pleasant carried out using a first-rate artist,” Mathieu Deldicque, a curator on the Paris museum, informed AFP.

The investigation of the portray changed into initiated via Deldicque with the help of historians. The nude portray has been residing on the Conde Museum’s Renaissance art phase for the reason that 1862. With fingers and frame reminiscent of that of Mona Lisa painting, the nude art is a work of an oil painting, Deldicque said.

Now, to mark the 500th death anniversary of Da Vinci, the nude art might be displayed at a special exhibition at Chantilly, Virginia later this year.

“We have located plenty of new factors. Left-handed charcoal marks quite an awful lot anywhere,” stated Deldicque.

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