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5 Reasons Why Your Furnace Has Low Air Flow

Your furnace should be able to direct air from the house failure, which can cause various issues. If you notice the furnace has poor airflow, take the case seriously and call your contractor for furnace service. If you have had AC repair before, call the same professional if you think they did a good job. They will check the furnace to spot the origin of the low airflow and fix it. In the meantime, know why your furnace is not expending air as it should.

Five Causes of Low Airflow in a Home | How to Improve Your Home's Airflow

Blocked Air Ducts

If there is poor airflow in the house, it could mean there is a blockage in the air ducts. It could also mean the air filters are dirt. The work of air filters is to block dirt or debris from entering the duct system. When the filter cannot trap the ground properly, it can lead to blockage in the air duct system. With time the dirt accumulates and sticks to the ducts, causing airflow problems. Therefore, contact your HVAC technician to inspect the issue and check if there is a blockage in the air ducts.

Leaks in the Air Ducts

One main issue is conditioned air getting to the wrong rooms or the air escaping to other places like the attic, outdoors, or crawlspace. Ducts can develop cracks and holes with time. These leaks cause the loss of conditioned air, which can add up your energy bills and ruin the quality of air flowing through the furnace. Your technician will help fix the leaks to avoid losing conditioned air.

Damaged Ducts

The ductwork in the house is for transmitting conditioned air in the rooms. Lack of quality airflow could mean the ducts are disconnected or damaged. Damaged ducts can cause temperature fluctuations, so you need to call a professional to restore them.

Obstruction in the Damper Valve

Another source of poor air flow from the furnace could be an obstruction in the damper valve. The work of damper valves is to regulate the flow of air in the entire house. The valve transmits cool and warm air to different parts of the house. Therefore, if the air is not reaching certain parts of the house, it could mean the damper valve is blocked.

Few Return Air Vents

Return vents in the house expend warm air from the furnace. Therefore, an issue with poor airflow could be because you don’t have enough return vents to take away the warm air. It could be because a specific back vent in a room is blocked, hindering air from leaving the room. Work with your HVAC contractor for AC repair to restore the air quality in the house.

Wrapping Up:

These are the main reasons why your furnace is not circulating air efficiently. If you are unsure where the issue is coming from, we recommend calling your HVAC contractor to inspect the system. With their sufficient knowledge in furnace repair, AC repair, HVAC repair, maintenance, and replacement, be sure you will get the best services. You will also get furnace service to improve airflow in your house.

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