3M Develops Roofing Technology That Turns Smog Into Water

This roofing cloth turns smog pollutants into water and could first affect California’s air first-rate. 3M has developed “cool roofing” granules activated with the aid of sunlight in a process known as photocatalysis. All of our roofing granules have a coating on them, and with the smog-decreasing granules, it’s just a different type of coating. It’s a photocatalytic coating,” 3M Plant Manager Angie Byars explained. “And how that works is when it’s at the roof, the daylight truly turns on that coating.

Develops Roofing Technology

Traditionally, roofing material reflects sunlight to help hold homes cool.

3M is one among the essential roof substances suppliers in us of a and different leading businesses along with Malarkey Roofing in Oregon are already on board. Malarkey Roofing is slated to apply 3M’s smog-fighting granules in all of their roofing shingles. Californians can replace the roofing with this new fabric and improve air satisfaction in their groups at the same time. But those pollution-combating granules by myself won’t solve smog pollution in California. I am addressing air exceptional problems mandates also regulation and better air satisfaction requirements across America’s united states. While California has exceeded initiatives to promote natural air and fight weather alternate, greater control is needed on the federal level.

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